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Maroon Oliver

Dead Sea Mud Shampoo Bar

Dead Sea Mud Shampoo Bar

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Dead Sea Mud Shampoo - a unique shampoo bar created with dead sea mud and pure essential oils of a woodsy nature, the scent includes lavender, cypress, juniper & peppermint essential oils. These oils are great for the skin and help in detoxing. 


To ensure the long life of your soap, store the bar in a cool place, out of direct sunlight until you're ready to use it. In your shower, store the bar away from the direct water stream, and out of any standing water.To get a good lather, swipe the soap bar across your wet hair a few times and lather and scrub. Then rinse.


Shampoo bars work best with soft water, if you do not have soft water, you will need to follow your shampoo with an apple cider rinse. Simply spray a bit of apple cider vinegar all over or use a measuring cup and pour it on.

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