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Bamboo Beard Boar Brush

Bamboo Beard Boar Brush

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Introducing the Bamboo Beard Boar Brush - perfect for adding a little extra style and volume to all sorts of beards! This brush is made from‚ medium firm‚ boar hair that's lightly embedded into a sustainable bamboo handle. With its sleek design, this brush is both stylish and functional.

Whether you're a man with facial hair seeking a perfectly groomed appearance or simply want to‚ detangle‚ your wild beard away, our brush has got you covered. The smooth boar bristles are great for reducing irritation when brushing through tangled strands. Get ready to level up your grooming routine with the most luxurious Boar Brush yet!

Imperial = 2.25 in x 4.75 in / Metric = 57 x 120

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